Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chapter 10 and 11

 In this chapter we keep up with John Longridge and with the hunter family.

The Hunter family is a on a ship back home. They can't wait to see there pets. Elizabeth even bought Tao, a red collar. She was EXTREMALY happy!!
Mean while at John's house. John was back from his hunting/ fishing trip. Misses Oaks has told him how she susspected that their was an other note. And there was infact. She told John that when she got there, the animals were not there. And then that she saw only the one note. She had looked all around, but did not find it. After a while John new were they had gone. They wanted to go home. To the hunter family. So they had traveld west, in a straight line. (Since animals detect magnetic fields. They would know were west is. blabla bla blablabla...... you know).

He has serched everywere, sometimes people told him that they saw a labradore and a terrier. A shcool said that one of there students had housed a cat that had drowned in a river.It led to Mr.Oaks thinking that the old terrier was dead but later on, the mcenzie farm told them they saw a labradore and a terrier and they housed them as well, and they also eate the eggs and chikens.And remember that collie that attacked them. well the farmer reported them.
John really missed him.... (SNIF)

The hunters were finally here,and John at told them the truth.They looked for them cslled people. After a few day or so... They went ona walk on this trail looking for them. While they were on this trail they would recall all the good times they had with the animals. Finally they gave up. But Elizabeth was begging them not to. She said that she could hear them, since, younger people, hace better hearing, they belive her and stayed stile a few minutes. Finally, Petter heard it two!!!!!! They waited a bit more. But nothing showed up until Peter told her dad to whitle. So he did and there was Tao, Elizabeth took himin her arms and carressed him.Then Luath appered! John didn't think he would be emotional, but he did, he felt a lump in his thoat, and started to cry, seeing the beautiful dog.
They were all happy, caressing the animals... But then they all relized that Bodger was missing, Peter had been the only one that seemed unhappy, staring at the ground. He asked them to go wait for him in the car, which meant he needed to cry on his own. But John insisted on going with him. Surprisingly, Peter let him.
While the other were waiting in the car, John and Peter, were walking and talking. SUDDENLY, the saw a white dog!!!! It was Bodger. When they returned to the car every body was veryhappy to see them! And I think they live happilly ever after( I am not sure)!! LOL

I like this last part, cause there is a suspense, and then it gets relised so quikly that your so happy. I like that every body lived espasially Tao, a like Tao, but i would still be sad, if they others died. If you think about the hole book. it really has been an amazing journey for them.I don't think any dog could of survived that. Well its a good book, another reson why its a classic!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 9

There are a few thing that happens in this chapter.

First of all Bodger was very hungry and decided to get food from a human. So he went to a radom house nearby and scratched on the door 3 times. Finaly a little girl came out. Bodger made the best face he could , but since he was very old, it turned out all crinckled and ugly. The little girl sut the door in his face. You could hear a : DAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD! Bodger waited a while. The door opened again, but with the girls dad this time with a bucket of water. He yelled at him and tossed all the water on to him. Bodger was sad, and ashamed. He never had gotten a reaction from a human like that before. But since he was old he forgot after a few days.

On the other hand Luath was dying. He's jaw was infected. And the needles were in deep.

A few weeks, later since Bodger forgot all about that house and the bucket of water he went to beg at an other house. This time they let him in. They were old and they had animals in there house, they saw that Bodger was injured. They feed him.
The next day the man went hunting. He saw that there were ducks, but they were two far. Sunndenly he sees Luath chasing the duck toward him. Luath had caught a duck, and brought it back to him. He was amazed. Then he notice his inflamed jaw and all the needles. He brought back Luath to his wife. They pulled out the needles. Some evan had to be pulled out from inside his mouth( That how deep it was ). They feed him to.

Meanwhile Tao was watching them.
For the night they but Luath and Bodger, in the stable. And closed the door. Tao open the door, to see the dogs. Tao was hungry and whent into the hen house, and ate the eggs. 
Mr. Mcenzie saw them outside and wondered if his wife closed the door properly. In the morrning Mr. Mcenzie, gave Luath and Bodger breakfest. After that they found Tao. And knew they had to go, because now that they were all relaxed and ready to go they had to move forwards.

I like this chapter they to something pretty interesting. I am not sure what will happen next. I think they will enter a city or something modern, and something is bound to happen.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 8

I like this chapter because were following the cat(Tao) again. In this chapter. He meets his match. This is a pretty short chapter.

The cat feels like he has to leave no trace of him behide. He is light on his steps, and his fethery luches, are barried. He would take only ''Cat naps'' in tree's  perched up high.

At this one point he think he is being followed. So he jumped in a tree, and waited. He saw a Linx, an EVIL. He saw a rabbit hole and made himself crawl inside. He could not even turn his head to what the Linx was doing. Finnally after a while, there was a little boy passing by carring a rifle. He was acctually hunting for a deer. His dad was only a few yards behinde him. As he saw the Linx, the Linx saw him, it was either, fight or flight. But he had already risen his riffle, he pulled the trigger. He killed the Linx. As the dad showed him were the bullet had strucked.
As soon as the son and his father were out of sight, he left, kicking dirt on the Linx's face.

2 day later, Tao found the dogs. They were all happy.

I like this chapter because Tao finnaly found the 2 dogs. I think they will to someting a bit more exiting next chapter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 isn't extrodinary, but its good.
There is basicly 3 things that happen.
1. They (the old terrier and the labrador) see a human who caught a porcupine. The human gets scared and goes away leaving behide the deliectible porcupine. The dogs get a fest.

2. They walk by a farm and they see a farmer and his dog (collie) running towards them. They end up fighting. The Labrador gets hurt, but not injured. It ends up as that the old terrier wins the fight.
3. They both feel good about winning, espacially the Terrier. The Labrador sees a porcupine. He trys to kill it, but instead gets needle in his head,(close to his eye). he tried to take them off but only succeded into pushing them farder in. And continue there journey. But every time they stop. He picks at them, painfully!

I feel bad for the Labrador. Tao didn't catch up yet. I hope he will, I also hope that the Labrador will find help.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chapter 6

I absolutely LOVE this chapter.

There is this girl who lives not far from the river, her name is Helvi. Her house is VERY far from anything, and she has to walk miles to get to her school bus. She was by the river and she was wishing that she had someone to play with because every thing around her was isolated.
Suddenly she saw something that drowned in the river it was stuck on a rock unconscious. So she rushed to get her parents, because she did not know what it was, her parents came and got the CAT out of the water!!!!!
The parents heeled it and got him to breath again. Every day he followed Helvi, an when she was gone he would follow her parents as they do their every day chores. That was their every day routine.

At one point they noticed that he was depth, because he did not turn his head when you would speak to him or when a bird would sing.

But one night Tao could not sleep. Helvi noticed that he was turning his head at every little night noise. She saw him looking outside the open window and that she new that he did not need her anymore. So Tao left.

I hope he will find the Labrador and the old Terrier. I wonder what happens next to Tao. I also want to know what happened the other two dogs. I REALLY like this chapter because Tao isn't dead and that he can continue living. I actually think that the old dog might die first now, because he's VERY old . Or maybe the Labrador because he has a lot of trouble getting food, and now that it is now winter( which i forgot to mention ) now, he will have A LOT of trouble  eating.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chapter 5

The Terriers wounds are almost all healed, and for now they are lucky its an Idian summer. Because the Terrier would not last long. But the old dog was growing somewhat of a winter coat, and the cat two. And the Labradore was growing quite think. Tao looked more heavy then he is already.
They came by an old man. He looks like he loves animals for he is feeding them, and he has a kind and gentle voice. I think the Labradore is a bit more weary around humans but I he still need humans around him.

At one point they have to cross a river, and it was too deep for them to cross with out swimming. Because the cat and the Terrier both did not like water. But the young dog LOVED water and swam across to the other side, and it took a while before the old dog finnaly swam across.
There was also a beaver damn and the beavers had abandoned it. And when the cat tryed to swim across it broke and all the pieces of wood detached and went in the water. They created waves. And one of them hit the cat on the head. The Labradore DID try to protect the cat but it was too late. The cat fell under the water. And the dog was never close to reaching him(.............................................). It was dusk when the labradore finnaly gave up. The cat had drowed(NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :'(... :'( ...:'(...!!!!)
The old dog could not sleep and howeld.

This chapter is VERY sad espasially for me. POOR TAO!!!! He was my favorite charactor. I didn't think he would die first. Because he could hunt and every thing. WHY DID'T THEY STAY HOME! I guess there is un other lesson in this. It is that the thoufest looking guy still has weaknesses(Or something like that).

Chapter 4

In this Chapter the Labradore, get REALLY hungry. He catches himself a rabbit. He almost looks like a wolf with blood all over his mussel. The terrier is healing from the cubs claws. They also found Indians. The Labradore didn't go see them he just stood watching out of sight watching the cat and the Terrier get spoiled.
The indians thought it was ''The White dog of The Ojibways, ( The white dog of the Omens) who apperanceheralds disaster or good fortune, and that the spirits had sent him hungry and wonded to test their tribal hospitality. And since he let the cat take his food without doing anything that he had chosen the cat as he's companion.

I don't like this chapter very much, because nothing really happens in it. As for the trip and the Omen thing it goes to show that someone apperance can fool you. Well i am not exacly sure. But it was good news for the cat and the Terrier. I don't know why the Labradore didn't join them to eat the meat.